Banana Kale Smoothie

I love smoothies – but I also love calorie controlled breakfasts that provide as many nutrients as possible. Its too easy to make smoothies that, although delicious – have too many calories. My green smoothie is fantastic because it contains healthy fats, calcium, a serving of fruit and vegetables, and fibre – amongst other vitamins and minerals, and energy wise (aka calorie content) it’s the perfect breakfast!

Serves 1 – GF, V

1 cup Water
2 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt
2 Tbsp Rolled Oats
1 Medium Banana
1/3 Avocado
1 cup Ice
1 cup Kale
Pinch Cinnamon

1. Place all the spinach and avocado in the blender with the water, blend until spinach is mixed through and water is a vibrant green colour.
2. Once spinach is completely blended through, add all other ingredients and blend until a thick smoothie mixture results.
3. Pour, drink and enjoy!

Serves 1 – GF, V
• I always freeze my avocado, bananas and spinach – that way you get a thick and creamy smoothie. Just remember to slice up your banana and avocado before freezing them. I like to store them in snaploack bags
• Feel free to use any leafy green vegetable that you like! Spinach, kale, silver beet – they are all fantastic.


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