simple and delicious ice block combinations

Summer is the perfect time to get creative and make your own, healthy ice blocks. There is no reason to still be buying those store bought, sugar laden, “fake” fruit ice blocks anymore because making your own is so simple.

There are limitless combinations and by using fruits, vegetables and dairy means you can increase your nutrient intake by incorporating them into your diet! A great way to increase your uptake I say!

I’ve had a few people recently ask me for combinations and recipes for ice blocks so I’ve decided to put a list of great combinations up so they are free for all! Just remember, quantities of each ingredient arent that important, feel free to make it to taste! It’s good to add water into the all fruit mixes to lessen the sweetness. This is good especially if you are making them for young children.

I like to use my blender as opposed to a juicer to get the fibre of the fruit in tact and it makes for thicker ice blocks – which I’m a big fan of! so what are you waiting for? Give these combinations and go, and let me know what you think! If you have any other great combinations, feel free to share!

With every combination below, add all ingredients into the blender, blend, pour into moulds and freeze.

  • Watermelon, passionfruit, mint and a dash of water.
  • Orange, passionfruit and a dash of water.
  • banana, blueberry and almond milk.
  • Orange, blueberry, pineapple and a dash of water.
  • Banana, strawberries and almond milk.
  • Strawberries, orange, water and mint.
  • Orange, Mango, mint and a dash of water.
  • Strawberries, mango and low fat cocounut milk.

The possibilities are endless, not to mention YUM! Dont be afraid to try your own combinations – I’ve tried many over the years, and am yet to make one I haven’t enjoyed.

Happy ice-blocking!!

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