Why you will love the Wellness Empowerment Collective

Welcome to the first post of a new series I am going to be adding to my blog.  As a strong believer and advocate of approaching health from a holistic point of view and a Canberra local – I want to start sharing some of my favourite places in this beautiful city, that embody this same ideal. Which is why I’m excited to tell you about my first visit to the new health and wellness hub, the Wellness Empowerment Collective in Lyneham, ACT.

The Collective’s mission is to further enhance the mind body connection through the services they provide.  These services include; cryotherapy, massage, complex muscular stimulation, infrared sauna, salt room, skin treatments, meditation headbands, fitness classes (pilates, yoga and various movement-based exercise classes), nutritional counselling, and Normatec Recovery boots. Whatever your ailment, the Collective really does have it all. So, when the Collective’s founder, Ebony reached out to me to attend the official opening of the Collective in late March, I was truly excited.

Looking and feeling good is about more than just wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. I look and feel my best when I am nourshing my body from the inside out, through good food and exercise and have a good healthy mindset. This is what the Collective is all about.

I was lucky enough to give a few treatments a try, so upon leaving I felt incredible! The treatments I tried were;


I spent a couple of minutes in the full body cryosauna. I have heard of cryosauna’s and have always been intrigued by them however never had given them a go. The simple concept of a cryosauna (for those who are not sure) is a treatment that involves being engulfed in cold air (between -130c to -165c) for anywhere between 2-5 minutes. The benefits of a cryosauna includes the stimulation of collagen production in your skin and better circulation, and increases your anti-inflammatory response, so it is good for sore and fatigued muscles. Some other benefits include; flushes body toxins, speeds up your metabolism, relieves skin conditions like acne and dermatitis, reduces fine lines, helps with injuries, sleep, increases endorphins, and minimises cellulite.  You can also burn up to 800 calories per session.

The Collectives full body cryosauna machine is fantastic because you get to choose your on background music – I choose Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, to dance to for my time in the sauna. I went in for 2-3 minutes, and although it was cold, it wasn’t unbearable. I was feeling a bit lethargic before I got into the cryosauna but when I came out, I felt alert and energised. I will definitely be going back for more.

Skin therapy

I was lucky enough to meet with Elissa, the skin specialist at the Collective. Elissa took one look at my skin and was able to identify many of the issues I had experienced with my skin in the past and was able to make me feel at ease whilst really analysing what my skin might need from a treatment. This in itself is a skill, if you are like me and a little self conscious about your skin (or any other part of your body) it can be intimidating having someone else analyse what might be going on. Straight away Elissa was able to identify that due to my skin texture and apparent sensitivity, that a lactic acid peel would be most appropriate and a little less aggravating than other procedures. She then targeted some hyperpigmentation with laser. As someone who had never had any skin treatments like this, I was a little dubious given the skin concerns I have had in the past and how my skin can react to many products. This treatment however, left my skin looking firm, tight and glowing. Elissa gave me advice for post-treatment and advice for daily care on my skin, and I left feeling confident and glowing without any make-up on!

Normatec Boots

These boots are great! I had them on whilst I was getting skin treatment so I was having two therapies done at once. These boots are like wearing more advanced compression wear. They knead and compress different parts of your legs in pulses and then they release, the pressure also gets stronger throughout the session. They are good for poor circulation and for recovey, so are often used on athletes. I was interested to give these a go because I’m a runner, and like alot of runners, I can neglect my legs. I roll my legs out and stretch them often, however with the amount of kilometres I tend to run weekly, they can still feel tight, lethargic and overworked. This also means that when I try to get them massaged, they are hypersensitive to being touched and it can be quite unpleasant for me. These boots were fantastic for my legs, because unlike a leg massage due to the constant compression across the leg there wasn’t any hypersentivity or discomfort.

Our legs are probably one of our most neglected body parts when it comes to self care. You may get massages every now and then and get some of the focus on your legs, but if you take a moment to truly think about the amount of work they do every day just by getting us from A to B – we really should be focussing on them more. I know that if my legs are tight and lethargic, it means I don’t perform at my best with running or other exercises I do weekly, this in turn aggravates me, so it has lasting impacts on my mental and physical state. In fact, I find alot of my time since running has been focussed on various niggling pains and aggravations I have in my legs. Something to consider next time you take those gorgeous pins for granted!

Ka Huna Massage

I also had my first Ka Huna massage experience. Ka Huna originated in Hawaii and is a holistic natural therapy focussed on healing the body, mind and spirit. The massage is given with flowing movements of the entire arm; forearms and hands.  The focus of Ka Huna massage is to shift blockages that manifest as physical issues such as muscle knots and tight areas. The massage is quite different to other massages I have had, the way I would describe it would be; as opposed to getting a massage where the massage therapist has a script of where to focus based on your ailments, this massage went with what my body was feeling. The way my body was moving and responding to the massage, determined the level of pressure and location of where was massaged next. It is hard to describe the process of this massage, but it was incredible. I actually dozed off briefly during this massage (which is unheard of for me) and when I emerged – I felt like a COMPLETELY different person.

I have only touched on a few treatments that are offered at the Collective and if there is one thing that is for sure, it is that I’ll be back. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life that we forget to take time out to relax and just be. Telling yourself that you’re too busy and don’t have time to attend places like this, really only solidifies that you probably need to. I am beyond thrilled that Canberra is lucky enough to have a hub like the Collective, it means that no matter what your concern is, you only have to go to one location. Taking time out for some rehabilitation, massage, exercise, or beauty treatment for yourself, is most likely going to result in a more positive mindset which is conducive to working more productively in general. So taking the time now, means you are creating more time, later.

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