Bliss balls for beginners

One of the most common things I hear from people trying to jump on the raw treat/bliss ball/protein ball (whatever you want to call it) bandwagon is that they are too hard to try, too expensive if they don’t work out and that it’s too overwhelming to choose a recipe when some have upwards of ten ingredients that all seem to be sourced from specialty stores.

So, I’m here to help. I am a busy woman, I have a full time job in addition to my nutrition and health business, still have hobbies (enter: running), friends and family commitments and also love my down time so I am a big believer in recipes that are no fuss, tasty and healthy so I’ve put together a cheat sheet of sorts for you.

What’s better, is that I source all my ingredients from one place – my local Source Bulk Foods because I love to be efficient with my time whilst still having access to high quality ingredients.  I have tried and happily tested a bunch of different bliss ball combinations over time and have links to each of them in this post. Let it be your one stop shop to flavour packed treats.

Each bliss ball recipe is distinct and they are all so different in their flavours that theres one for any mood you’re in.

My favourite combinations are below;

Coconut Bliss Balls – This is my original recipe and fantastic for those who love subtle, sweet flavours.

Vanilla Matcha Bliss Balls – These bliss balls pack a flavour punch, they are rich and strong for the chocolate lover and have a nice matcha bite that you will become obsessed with!

Coco-not-so-rough Bliss Balls – Like the name suggests, these are the perfect combination of chocolate and coconut.

Peaches and Dream Bliss Balls – The dried peach and cashews combined in this recipe make for a beautifully sweet and creamy flavour you will adore, I promise.

Have a ball!

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