Why you will see me at brunch instead of dinner

If there’s one thing I am known for, it’s loving a brunch on a weekend, and there is a reason why I am a bruncher over a luncher or even a dinner go-er.

One thing I like to tell clients who wish to lose a little weight, that when it comes to eating out, if it is a big part of your life, that ‘swaps’ instead of ‘stops’ can help in longer term, sustainable behaviour change.

Here is why you will see me eat brunch out as opposed to dinner and/or drinks out, and why I recommend this to clients.

Brunch is generally, just brunch

Brunch, unlike dinner generally means there is only the one meal that you are consuming which also means less calories consumed if you are looking to shed some weight, or alternatively maintain your weight. It’s not often you get an entree before your brunch and then a sweet dessert after it. Brunch options also tend to be fairly packed with vegetables and have smaller servings of protein and fats. That is not to say that every brunch or breakfast option out there is going to fit this mould because there will always be less healthy options on menu’s everywhere, but in most cases there are a range of different options for meals earlier in the day.

Coffee or juice over alcohol

Coffee, juice, sparkling water and the like, tend to be the options you get to choose from at brunch.  At dinner or even a lunch catch up, when you opt for an alcoholic beverage as soon as you consume it, your body registers it as essentially a poison.  To put it simply, you body expends all its energy trying to metabolise it out of your system and alcohol takes alot longer to digest and process than any of the macronutrients you consume. This means, if you have eaten a large meal, your ability to digest this and absorb all its nutrients is compromised by the fact that you are digesting alcohol. This also means there will be excess calories that your body can’t digest and so will be stored as fat.

It can contribute less to your daily intake than a large dinner

Unlike dinner out, brunch tends to be the first meal you consume for the day and if it is a larger meal it means you are full for longer. This means you are more likely to consume less over the course of the day. I like to encourage people to eat when they are hungry and as opposed to having a whole days worth of food already consumed by dinner time where you are likely to over indulge anyway, a brunch or breakfast first thing means you count it towards your nutrient and calorie intake for the day.


This is one of those times where that ‘smashed avo’ toast is going to be a better choice for your pocket than a larger meal, accompanied by sides, alcoholic beverages and more than likely dessert (followed by more alcohol). Its good for your over all health as well as your pocket, so that’s a double win if you ask me!

So next time you decide to have a catch up with friends or family, go on a date or simply treat yourself to some solo time out, give brunch a go… You will be fuelled up for the day, have by passed the alcohol and will be less likely to over indulge if losing a little weight is your current goal.

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