About Me

Ashley Cox

Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), GCertHumNutr, BSc(Psych)

Welcome to BodyMindFull. I’m so glad you dropped by.  I am a Nutritionist with a background in Psychology and am passionate about working with individuals to find what works for them.

Health to me, is not an isolated construct. I don’t believe you can have one (a happy mind), without the other (a healthy diet) – and my studies in both Psychology and Nutrition have further solidified that for me. My aim in life is to live as healthy, mindfully and holistically as I can. I am passionate about health, food and happiness and the interrelationships between them all and I love working with people to help educate them about this.
I could go on forever about how important it is to consider a holistic mind/body approach to health and happiness but I wont bore you!

So, stay a while – read, leave me a comment, use a yummy (healthy!) recipe, take a break – and repeat. Whilst doing so, you should tell your friends, your friends friends; and, your friends friends, friends!

One more thing – below are a list of the abbreviations I use on my recipes.

VG – Vegan

V – Vegetarian

GF – Gluten free

DF – Dairy free

NS – No added sugar