About Me

Ashley Cox

Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), GCertHumNutr, BSc(Psych)

Ashley is a Registered Nutritionist through the Nutrition Society of Australia, an accredited practitioner through the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders (ACFED), has a background in Psychology and is passionate about working with individuals to find what works for them.

Health to Ashley is not an isolated construct. She doesn’t believe you can have one (a happy mind), without the other (a healthy diet) and her studies in both Psychology and Nutrition and experience in working with people in the corporate sector has given her a wealth of knowledge to work with you to achieve an evidence based, holistic mind/body approach to wellness

Ashley is passionate about health, food, fitness/movement and happiness and the interrelationships between them all. She can work with individuals and organisations in a range of settings to achieve their goals through weight loss, meal planning and recipe development, health education and nutritional counselling to name a few.

You can contact Ashley here.

Please note: below are a list of the abbreviations that are used on Ashleys recipes.

VG – Vegan

V – Vegetarian

GF – Gluten free

DF – Dairy free

NS – No added sugar